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Meet Jim Winn (Senior Partner) Buckner KY
Jim has spent over 40 years designing and building customs. He is a mechanical engineer, welder and fitter, ex military and spends all of his time taking care of the details in and out of the Wild West office and shop.
Jim also founded and ran another custom motorcycle company in Kentucky for many years, after leaving that company and getting out of the industry, he found that he was not happy outside the business and became part of Wild West MC.
At this time Jim and his sons are operating the Wild West MC facility in Buckner Kentucky, they are building and shipping all of our models from that location. They are commitment to the Wild West innovations and quality is unwavering. He truly believes in our motto: "HAND BUILT CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES"
Meet Raullo Hudgens (Senior Partner), Brentwood TN
Now here's a man that knows his stuff, he has spent a lifetime in the machine shops building hot engines and setting up the bikes and cars to perform at their peak.
He has spent a career building custom bikes for some of the biggest names in the country entertainment industry and the pro athletes, and of course for the everyday person.
At this time Raullo is building a new facility in the Nashville area, when it is completed and ready to produce our new models we will send out an announcement. In the meantime our Buckner Kentucky facility can handle all your needs.
As ex military, Raullo's loyalties and disciplines even show in the way he works.
Raullo's reputation has been built on honesty, quality and delivery. HE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD.
2014 Models
View a "behind the scenes" tour of our operation and see the crew at work.
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