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Wild West Motor Co. is setting up "Licensed Manufacturing sites".

Buckner KY 1/29/2014. Wild West Motor Company is starting the process of licensing several established shops in the US and Canada to have the ability to manufacture OUR line of motorcycles. Wild West Motor Co ( has been around for many years and has thousands of Our motorcycles on the roads worldwide. In 2008 when the company was moved to Kentucky, it was downsized in order to survive the downturn in the Custom Motorcycle market, we came very close to ending up like many other Custom manufactures like, American Iron Horse, Titan, Bigdog, and several others-----CLOSED!! WWMC is starting to see some upturn in the market, and to meet this upturn and what we hope will be future growth, we are in the planning stages of how to meet the market needs. We believe that if we enter into licensing agreements with the right motorcycle shops/Builders/dealers in the different regions of this country they can provide for the consuming public a source for the highbred Custom V-Twin Motorcycle they are looking for. These manufacturers would represent WWMC in every way, including the ability to provide the MSO and share in our N.A.D.A. listings (which we have had listed, uninterrupted, since 1999), you can't buy that, our bikes are fully financeable and can be fully insured, you cant do that with builder bikes. Check out our website and if you're a well established shop/Builder/dealer with an building background that has an interest, send us an email ( ), we still have some regions available in the US and Canada (later in Europe).


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