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6 piston differential bore calipers - front
11.5” floating stainless steel rotors
Dual 11.5” rotors - front

Passenger pad
Passenger pegs
Seat - leather color and type (ostrich skin, etc.)
Seat - 1” or 2” push forward

Chrome: brake calipers, brake rotor carriers, pulley, wheels, forward controls, passenger pegs, forks, electrical box, belt guard, axle covers, swing arm, battery box

Contour forward controls by Performance Machine
Extended forward controls
Custom handlebar grips


Closed primary, chrome inner and outer covers, double
row chain

 Download PDF of Dragoon Components & Options
S&S 110 ci engine
S&S 113 ci engine
S&S 127 ci engine
Ultima 100 ci engine
Ultima 113 ci engine
Ultima 127 ci engine
Oil cooler - downtube
Diamond cut cylinders & heads

Flames, Pandemonium, Hot rod, Ghost flames, Tribal graphics, Scallops, Ripped with 1-tone base, Ripped with artwork on base, Candy colors, Chameleon paint, Individualized custom paint

Standard styles: Roulette, El Dorado, Gatlin, Hooligan,
Wrath, Trinity, Hustler, Villian, Solid, Vader, Tantrum
Contour styles: Widow Maker, Casino, Method, Dinero
All by Performance Machine.

Rear - 280/35VR x 18
Front - 120/70 x 21

(This is not a complete list of options available.)

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