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Integrated Strut Technology (IST) rear fender made of aerospace carbon fiber appears to float under the seat while providing ample strength to carry a passenger
Steel one-piece fuel tank with curves in every direction provides strength and offers a smooth and graceful appearance
Slotted front rubber tank mounts eliminate the need for tools in a hard to reach area while improving load characteristics [Gunfire]

Handlebars with integrated speedometer and LED mounts clean up the lines, eliminate parts, and allow for improved service ability [Dragoon]
Billet aluminum handlebar controls and switch housings provide a tight and clean package while offering additional strength and styling
Billet aluminum forward controls & master cylinder provide smooth braking and shifting actuation along with enhancing the look of the motorcycle


Dual function rear turn signals also act as brake & tail lights
Self canceling turn signals are convenient & easy to operate
CNC machined aluminum headlight is chrome plated for a dramatic finish
• Analog speedometer with electronic pick up and digital odometer is state of the art and adjustable
LED indicator lights are bright enough to see in the harshest lighting conditions & yet are small & clean with their clear lenses

4 piston billet aluminum brake calipers provide precise and powerful stopping power
Drive side brake consolidates the mechanical components on the right side, leaving the left side open and clean for a non-cluttered view of the beautiful billet wheel
Stainless steel braided brake lines do not expand like traditional rubber lines so they transmit braking power directly to the caliper for consistent braking and highly sensitive feel

6-speed JIMS right side drive transmission with outboard bearing support and pressurized oiling. The overdrive gear brings motor speed down when cruising on the highway for less vibration and better fuel efficiency. Right side drive allows a centered drive train for perfect balance and steering.
3.5” wide belt with massive 14mm teeth open belt primary drive eliminates the need for an oil bath and handles all of the torque the engine puts out [Dragoon] [Optional for Gunfire]
Hydraulic clutch eliminates clutch cable stretching and provides easy and smooth clutch actuation

Billet aluminum wheels made of forged aluminum and machined with computer controlled milling machines are lightweight and rugged for maximum road holding characteristics and durability
Wide 300 rear tire puts the power to the road & looks great doing it
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