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Mediocrity is void of passion...

The Gunfire was designed with the kind of forward thinking normally reserved for concept cars and the racetrack. From its carbon fiber Integrated Strut Technology™ rear fender to its modified drag race frame, this motorcycle is a radical step ahead of conventional cruisers. The Gunfire was built around a philosophy that is hostile to the uninspiring world of mass production and yet it delivers a level of refinement and precision impossible to find in any other hand-built motorcycle. With its 115+ horsepower engine, 300 rear tire, aircraft grade billet aluminum wheels, inverted forks, oil in the frame design, sleek single riser handle bars, and 6-speed transmission; some would call the Gunfire overkill. In our book, the type of performance and quality crafted into every Vigilante Gunfire is simply indispensable.
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