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The Most Powerful Cars & Motorcycles in Automotive History

Buckle your seat belts-it's going to be a wild ride. Hosted by pro wrestling and feature film star Bill Goldberg, Automaniac puts you in the driver's seat of the coolest, hottest, fastest and most unusual vehicles ever to hit the road. Each episode of Automaniac focuses on an unusual theme, such as vehicles driven by gangsters, police departments, hot rodders or the super rich. Incorporating a mix of history, technology, the culture and hands-on participation from Goldberg himself, Automaniac takes viewers into the garage, under the hood and out on the road to show how these amazing cars work and what makes them the hottest wheels of any era.

Wild West was featured in the Extreme Bikes episode which aired in
August 2005.

Not all bikes are created equal. These sleek, fast and innovate bikes were made for the rich or for speed-crazy racers. Hop on for a ride on the ultimate bikes in terms of technology, design and performance including Wild West’s 2005 Dragoon Chopper custom built for host Bill Goldberg, the Indian 8-Valve Board Track Racer, the 2005 Ducati 999R, the BMW R32, the Vincent series C "Black Shadow" and the Easy Rider "Captain America" chopper.
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