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Alias StudioTools
Taking Choppers into the Future with Alias StudioTools: Sexy, innovative and commanding, the cruisers of Wild West Motor Company will leave you breathless. With signature models such as the Dragoon and Gunfire, it’s not surprising its key software is Alias StudioTools Full StoryFull Story

American Rider
Small, Medium, and Infinite: In the known universe there are many sources for V-twin motorcycles. Here’s a look at three different sizes of V-twin manufacturers. Full StoryFull Story

Exotic Appeal on Two Wheels - High-End Surfacing Technology Raises Creative Bar for Wild West Motor Company: When you design and manufacture custom motorcycles, standard doesn't cut it. Full StoryFull Story

Thunder Press
2005 Dragoon - Hand-Built High Tech - Out of the skunk works and onto the street: A tour of the Wild West Motor Company plant begins in earnest at a computer terminal in a back office where company founder and CEO Paul Seiter shows off his software. Full StoryFull Story

Wild West was featured in the Extreme Bikes episode which aired in August 2005. Buckle your seat belts-it's going to be a wild ride. Automaniac puts you in the driver's seat of the coolest, hottest, fastest and most unusual vehicles ever to hit the road. Full Story

V-twin 2005 Top 10 Bikes
Wild West Vigilante Gunfire: On the upper end of the custom V-twin motorcycle market, Wild West’s Vigilante Gunfire boasts a 280 rear tire, a strutless fender, inverted forks, billet aluminum wheels and brakes, and a very low 21-inch seat height.Full StoryFull Story

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