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Wild West Motor Company offers its motorcycles with Patrick Racing engines

SAN DIEGO, California – Wild West Motor Company announced today that they have forged a new relationship with Patrick Racing. Their motorcycles are now available with Patrick Racing’s 120, 125, and 128 cubic inch engines.

Wild West Motor Company’s CEO, Paul Seiter explains, “For over a decade we’ve been engineering and crafting some of the most exotic motorcycles in the world. In the tradition of offering only the best in motorcycles, we’ve stepped up our power train to include the finest of Vtwin engines.”

Patrick Racing’s high performance engines offer several unique features and advantages. The billet aluminum cylinders and cylinder heads are much more than just works of art. 6061-T6 billet aluminum is 48% stronger than the typical cast aluminum found in most V-twin engines! Cast fins tend to resonate loudly due to being weaker, thinner, and longer. However, Patrick’s thicker billet fin design runs quieter on account of its rigidity and strength.

Patrick Racing heads feature ports that are fully CNC machined, producing greater airflow and a substantial increase in overall horsepower.

Billet aluminum doesn’t have the porosity or large grain structure found in cast aluminum. This allows billet aluminum to conduct heat away from the combustion chamber and exhaust valves much faster and more efficiently than cast cylinders and cylinder heads do. Seiter states, “The larger horsepower output isn’t a problem for the Patrick Racing engine. The billet aluminum heads and cylinders handle the additional heat and dampen vibration. This gives us peak performance without a detriment in longevity or noise.”

Dynamically computer balanced flywheels, forged JE pistons, roller rocker arms, and a state-ofthe- art electronic ignition all add to the engine’s power and smoothness. The Mikuni 45mm carburetor used on the engine is famous for its responsiveness and tune-ability. The oil pump, tappet blocks, rocker boxes, and push rod covers are all made of billet aluminum, adding strength and style.

Patrick Racing was established in 1984 by Nigel Patrick. Nigel has been racing, developing engines, and CNC machining for over 20 years. Nigel and crew’s expertise in racing engine development is put to use on their winning AMA/Prostar “Hot Rod Cruiser” class drag bike. They have won 4 years in a row, set 27 records, and are leading currently in the 2006 season. Seiter says, “As we have become more familiar with Nigel Patrick, his team, his product, and his vision, we have become even more impressed. Their commitment to excellence matches our philosophy and makes them an important strategic partner.”

Wild West Motor Company was established in 1995 and is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. They manufacture a line of premium V-twin motorcycles that currently consists of two models: Vigilante Gunfire and Dragoon. They design, tool, and manufacture their own frames, swing arms, fuel tanks, and many other components used in their motorcycles. The motorcycles are found in Kelly and N.A.D.A. blue books, are financeable, insurable, and sold through a nationwide dealer network of 25 premium dealers.

Wild West Motor Company and Patrick Racing are currently collaborating on a number of engineering projects. Patrick states, “Wild West is much more than just another customer to us. Their engineering capability combined with our racing and engine design proficiency create a very exciting situation...” Seiter concludes, “The Patrick Racing engine program is one way we are keeping our commitment to building the best motorcycles in the world. We are thrilled about the future projects that are in the works. I believe our passion for engineering and development will enable us to continue to lead and innovate.”

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